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About SMS

Welcome to Scottsburg Middle School! 

Scottsburg Middle School is an innovative community of learners dedicated to helping ALL students learn, grow, create, collaborate, and contribute. 

We are the educational home for 630 students in grades 6-8 in Scott County School District 2. Our dedicated team of professional educators work collaboratively to engage learners and prepare them for success in school, family, work, and community life. 

We are a proud and progressive school as evidenced in the following statements. 

Scottsburg Middle School is designed for learners.

As a true “middle school,” SMS provides quality educational experiences in a team setting. Two teaching teams in each grade level guide students through an SCSD2 curriculum that addresses Indiana state standards and prepares students for the 21st century challenges of high school and beyond. Teachers vary developmentally appropriate instructional strategies to help meet the needs of diverse learners. SMS also incorporates roll scheduling, a 'boost' experience for remediation and enrichment, exploratory classes, and a Gold Star Guidance Program. 

Scottsburg Middle School is an innovative technology leader.

Believing that all students deserve the opportunity to develop 21st Century skills, SMS provides iPads for every learner. Students also have access to a team-shared Macbook Air laptop cart. These devices provide increased opportunities for learners to communicate, collaborate, and create. SMS learners develop a strong foundation of digital citizenry using Canvas as our educational delivery portal. Canvas is the digital home for discussions, assignments, remediation, enrichment, and other learning activities from any device, anywhere, 24/7!

With the abundance of technology at our school, it is important that we constantly affirm our goal of becoming a highly effective BLENDED LEARNING environmentTechnology helps us connect learners, broaden resources, and individualize opportunities but it will not "replace" teachers. We believe in the magic that happens when a teacher ignites the intellectual, creative, curious fire in young learners. SMS teachers are needed to assess student needs and create opportunities for learning and growth. In our digital world, guidance from passionate and professional educators is even more important than it may have been in the past when students were limited to the information/experiences in their own homes and neighborhoods. 

In our blended learning environment, we receive some information digitally and some in person. We submit some assignments digitally and some in person. We hold some discussions digitally and some in person. This balance or blend is our goal. We believe this approach will propel our students to success in the 21st century.

Scottsburg Middle School offers fantastic extra-curricular activities and award-winning music programs.

Students have access to a huge variety of extra-curricular activities such as Archery, Art Club, Drama, Journalism, SADD, Science Olympiad, Student Council, Tech Warriors, Winter Guard, and a full compliment of sports for students in grades 6-8. Besides basketball and cheerleading, SMS students can participate in Cross Country, Volleyball, Soccer, Tennis, Swimming, Wrestling, and Track. Community baseball, softball, and football programs are also popular.

Scottsburg Middle School gives students a head start on high school. 

Eighth graders earn both of their high school PE credits and Health credits; qualifying students earn their Algebra 1 credits. Eighth graders also have the opportunity to take the Introduction to Agriculture high school credit course as their elective class. This helps accelerate students toward their individual education goals whether they be Prosser School of Technology, AP courses, Dual Credit Courses, or internships. SMS boasts a comprehensive transition program to assist students as they move on to either of the two highly regarded Scottsburg High School programs, High Schools That Work or New Tech High School.

Scottsburg Middle School values parent participation. 

Parents play a critical role in student success and SMS partners with parents in many ways. Informative weekly newsletters are available via RSS feed as well as mid-term parent newsletters. Parents can access student grades via the Harmony student management program and student assignments and work via the Canvas link. Parent events are also scheduled throughout the year.

To find out more, continue to explore our web site or call us at 752-8926 to set up a tour. Start your future TODAY at Scottsburg Middle School!!