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SMS offers a diverse array of athletic and club activities for students.  

Athletic digital paperwork requirements are as follows:

How To Use FinalForms

Registering Your Athlete

All students participating in interscholastic athletics must be registered on FinalForms, the online registration website used by the Scott County 2 School District.  

To Register an Athlete:

  • Log on and create an account at:
  • Parents must complete each individual section found in the menu on the left side of the page and “electronically sign” (type your name) where appropriate. 
  • Once all sections are completed, PRINT the physical form and TAKE this document to an appointment for your student with a certified physician, a nurse practitioner, or a physician assistant. TURN IN the completed and signed IHSAA PPE Physical Form to your athletic administration or upload digitally in FinalForms. Athletic administration will update your student's Physical expiration date with the new one. Student’s Physicals are good for one calendar year. FinalForms will automatically send you an alert email when the physical expiration date is under 60-days.

By registering on FinalForms you will be included on team emails and updates from the coaching staff.

PLEASE NOTE: While the initial registration may take 15-20 minutes, it is MANDATORY. Individual accounts “follow” athletes throughout their Middle School and High School athletic careers requiring only relevant updates from year to year. The first registration requires the most time. Remember athletes still are required to have an annual physical.

A tentative club program is outlined below. Changes do occur based on student interest, staff support, and space availability. If you have any questions about clubs, contact the listed club sponsor.  Club events are announced at school, are available on the weekly Scoop newsletter, and are on the Eventlink calendar. The BEST way for home adults to keep track of club activities is to follow each club on Eventlink!

Activity            Eligible Students       Tentative Schedule      Sponsor Contact
 Archery all students/tryout T/Th PM Nov-May
 Art Club all students/apply M PM 2x month
 Builders Club all students Varies PM 2x month  
 Cross all students 7:45 AM Wednesday
 Drama Club all students/tryout TBA PM Sep-Oct
 SADD all students lunch 2x month
 Science Olympiad all students/apply M/W Oct-Feb
 Spell Bowl all students/apply varies Sep-Nov
 Student Council all students Th AM Sep-May
 Yearbook all students/apply T PM Nov-Apr

Students must have all passing grades on the most recent report card in order to represent SMS at an event/game.