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The general SCSD2 school calendar is available in PDF format HERE.

Members of the Scottsburg Middle School community can find activity calendar events in two places.  The SCSD2 district calendar feed is below.  For events specific to Scottsburg Middle School, patrons are encouraged to create a free, online SMS Eventlink calendar.

Documentation about creating an Eventlink calendar is HERE.  Start at to open an account. Once your follow SMS, you can add calendars to your account. From Manage my Account you can find over 50 calendars for sports, clubs, etc.  

Add clubs and sports that you want to follow. NOTE: If you have an athlete, follow both the sport and sport practice calendar for that activity. For instance, Boys Tennis gives you match details. Boys Tennis Practice gives you practice information and gets you access to messages from the coach.  This allows Grandma or Uncle Jim to follow the Football calendar (games) without having to get all of the practice info!

You can customize your notifications (remind me on game days) or merge Eventlink with your Google or Outlook calendars!

Call SMS if you have any questions!! Try Eventlink today!!