SMS offers a diverse array of athletic and club activities for students.  

A tentative club program is outlined below. Changes do occur based on student interest, staff support, and space availability. If you have any questions about clubs, contact the listed club sponsor.  Club events are announced at school, are available on the weekly Scoop newsletter, and are on the Eventlink calendar. The BEST way for home adults to keep track of club activities is to follow each club on Eventlink!

Activity            Eligible Students       Tentative Schedule      Sponsor Contact
 Academic Superbowl  all students/apply TBA PM Dec-May [email protected]
 Archery all students/tryout T/Th PM Nov-May [email protected]
 Art Club all students/apply M PM 2x month [email protected]
 Builders Club all students Varies PM 2x month [email protected]
 Cross all students 7:45 AM Wednesday [email protected]
 Drama Club all students/tryout TBA PM Sep-Oct [email protected]
 FACS Club all students/apply TBA PM Spring
 Pep Club all students Varies [email protected]
 Robotics all students/apply M/W PM Oct-May [email protected]
 SADD all students lunch 2x month [email protected]
 Science Olympiad all students/apply M/W Oct-Feb [email protected]
 Spell Bowl all students/apply varies Sep-Nov [email protected]
 Student Council all students Th AM Sep-May
 Winterguard all students varies Dec-May
 Yearbook all students/apply T PM Nov-Apr [email protected]

Students must have all passing grades on the most recent report card in order to represent SMS at an event/game.