Counselor's Corner

Scottsburg Middle School is fortunate to have two full time counselors, Mrs. Jane Naugle and Mrs. Holly Asdell. Mrs. Naugle has been a counselor at SMS since 2007 but has worked for SCSD2 since 2003.  Mrs. Asdell has worked at SMS since 2017 but has worked for SCSD2 since 2009. Both Mrs. Naugle and Mrs. Asdell are Master’s level counselors and hold a valid license with the State of Indiana.

Ways to contact SMS counselors

Jane Naugle -email

Holly Asdell -email

(812) 752-8926

(812) 269-6125 - Google text 

Instagram -@smscounselors

About SMS’s counseling program

Scottsburg Middle School counseling program has received the Gold Star & Ramp School Counseling Awards. Schools that have obtained the Indiana Gold Star status have demonstrated that they have a comprehensive and accountable school counseling and guidance program, aligned to Indiana School Counselor and Student Standards, as well as national (ASCA) standards. 

School Counselors help students by . . .

Promoting positive attitudes among students toward self, family, peers, and community.

Assisting students in learning how school performance relates to future opportunities. 

Developing and delivering classroom guidance lessons that teach skills such as healthy decision making, resolving conflicts, managing emotions, and respecting others.

Working collaboratively with students, parents, and teachers to identify and remove barriers to learning.

Supporting students by teaching skills for achieving success. 

Counseling with students individually and in small groups.

Providing support during a personal crisis in a student’s life.

Counselors are the heart of the school by . . .

Helping create a safe school environment where children can learn.

Coordinating referrals to outside agencies for counseling, resources, or assistance.

Helping design interventions to enhance student success.

Helping parents, teachers, and administrators in learning how to meet the needs of all students.

How does a student get to see the School Counselor?

Self-referral-they can ask to see a counselor for themselves.

Request of the counselor-a counselor may request to see a student.

Parent/caregiver referral - parents can call, email, or meet with a counselor to ask a counselor to see their student.

Principal, teacher, or other staff referral - if a staff member is concerned about a student, they may ask the counselor to see them.

Referral by friend(s) - sometimes friends worry about their friend and may want to help them by reaching out to the school counselor.

We believe at SMS that every student has a right to access services provided by their school counselor. If a parent/caregiver does not want their student meeting with a counselor, they must inform the school principal. If the counselor feels they need to work with a student on an ongoing basis or in a small group, parents will be notified and asked permission. Permission can be withdrawn at any time by parent/caregiver request. Counseling and guidance services are available to all students.

Guidance and Counseling Programs that Scottsburg Middle School uses include but are not limited to:

Childhelp Speak Up Be Safe

Reality Store - Scott County Partnership

LifeSkills - Scott County Partnership

Hero -PBIS program

Student Ambassadors (program to help orient new students to SMS)

Indiana Career Explorer 

Student Success Skills

College Go Week -Learn More Indiana

Mix It Up Day

Start with Hello

See Something/Say Something

Red Ribbon Week


Dollar and $ense - financial literacy

Hosparus Grief Relief 

Learn More Indiana

Purdue Extension Office - Girls Empowerment group 

Life Literacy - Community Action of Southern Indiana

Resources for families and teachers

Mental Health

*Please contact Mrs. Naugle or Mrs. Asdell  if you are considering counseling for your child and would like a list of local mental health providers. - substance abuse and mental health services administration - national institute of mental health - anxiety disorders association of America - children and adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Suicide Preventioin -suicide prevention resource center -suicide prevention and resource information

Parenting - parenting information and resources - the national parenting center

Drug Prevention Tips at Every Age




Community Resources

Helping Hands Resource Guide -Indiana Family and Social Services Administration, information on programs such as Hoosier Healthwise, Food Stamps, TANF, childcare finder, etc.