Faculty / Teams

SMS has six core teaching teams. Two per grade. Teams help us create smaller learning communities for our students. Each team follows the same curriculum and schedule, and nearly identical lessons. Teams are created with a goal of balance... in skill level, in gender, and in sending school. A balanced team approach helps us to ensure the best possible experience for our kids. SMS does not accept parent requests for team placement.

Team Names do not appear on Harmony schedule papers. To determine your assigned team, look at the teacher list below.

There are several ways to contact a teacher by email. Select the Staff Directory and find the staff member's name in the list. You can also directly email a teacher through Harmony 3. Select the teacher (name in blue) from your child's class schedule view. Team Leaders are responsible to schedule team-wide conferences with parents. Each team leader is designated with an asterisk and if you want a full team conference, start with the team leader!

Thank you!

6th Grade - Ignite

LA - Mrs. Cherie Shuler, Math - Mrs. Lisa Burns, Science - Mrs. Sandra Raichel*, Social Studies- Ms. Sydney McClure 

6th Grade - Tribe

LA - Mrs. Crista Steier, Math - Mr. Tony Carter*, Science - Mrs. Tiffany Copple, Social Studies - Mrs. Kasey Comer

7th Grade - Cool Rays

LA - Mrs. Jaye Brewster Math - Mrs. Lyddia Mullins*, Science - Mrs. Amber Zeigenbein, Social Studies - Mr. David Craig

7th Grade - Dream Team

LA - Mrs. Carrie Carter*, Math - Mrs. Stephanie Waskom, Science - Mrs. Marcy Fryfogle, Social Studies - Mr. Alex Bell

8th Grade - Explorers

LA - Mrs. Rene Cox, Math - Ms. Lisa Sutton*, Science - Mr. Jeremy Zeigenbein, Social Studies - Mr. Tony Hicks

8th Grade - Voyagers

LA - Mrs. Shelby Boley, Math - Mr. Chris Trinkle, Science - Mr. Chris Jeffries, Social Studies - Mrs. Kasee Hobbs*

Special Teachers - All Grades

Art- Mr. Ryan Heacock FACS- Mr. Tevin Shoultz
Choir- Ms. Ashley Kruth Intro to Agriculture- Ms. Anna Hall
Band- Mr. Tim Johnston Band- Mr. Curtis Turner
PE 6/7- Mr. Allen Barnett PE 8- Mrs. Lorna Conder
IEP 6- Mrs. Stephanie Zollman IEP 8- Mrs. Lori Hill IEP 8- Mrs. Kia Humphrey
IEP 6-7-8- Mrs. Shelby Sebastian
IEP 6-7-8- Mrs. Chris VonDissen

Guidance - Mrs. Holly Asdell
Guidance - Mrs. Jane Naugle

Media/Technology Specialist - Mrs. Shawna Slaton  

School Nurse - Mrs. Missy Beswick

Director of eLearning - Mr. Bobby Doriot 

Principal - Ms. Kristin Nass Assistant Principal - Mr. Kevin Smith