Members of the Scottsburg Middle School community can find calendar events in two places.  The calendar on this page merges events from the SCSD2 district calendar feed as well as the SMS Pinwheel Master Calendar.

Sport and club calendars can be viewed through Pinwheel. Go to and create a free SMS activity calendar account. Once you create an account, you can select which clubs and sports you want to populate your calendar. (Example: 6th Volleyball practices, 6th Volleyball games, Student Council, and Builder's Club - if your child was in these activities!)  You can customize your calendar feed at any time during the school year! You can even log in and select SHS and get access to their calendars!

Your Pinwheel calendar is 'live' and any changes or cancellations are automatically updated. Set reminders on events. Get family members to create their own accounts. Does Grandma come to football games??  You can even merge this calendar into your existing Google calendar! 

Call SMS if you have any questions!! Try Pinwheel today!!

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